Sunday, 10 October 2010

Peachy Keen

As we enter the month of Samhain, we have an exciting hectic, maybe spooky but definitely fish fueled generous time ahead of us here at the Quagmire. Hopefully our eccentric listeners will have filled up on the previous mixes because here comes another, and we are happy to say this time it comes from an eager outsider, possibly an astral traveler, who has arrived from a distant star holding a small flashing device filled with audio greatness. Or it could simply be excellent electronic experimental musician type, Trills/Jonathan Jindra disguised as such a being.

Regardless of what form the traveler appears as, the sonic quavers he brings are tasty and are mysteriously headed under the name "Peach Genesis" which we think is really cool. Is this the name of another planet capable of sustaining life not as we know it or is it the name of an edible book, or perhaps an exotic mantra. We have a pet cat called Genesis actually who has back legs like a rabbit and sometimes when he meows, no sound comes out. Sound most certainly does come out here though so enjoy and listen to the excellent Failure, who don't live up to their name with some grinding melodies and emotional tones that aren't Emo, the lush Boreal Network who bring some warm synths to watch silent 80's science programs to and the slow 'Low' try and run away with your eternal organs, mainly your heart only using the singers sparkling voice, who appears to have originated from a planet where the term "tone deaf" doesn't exist. Pan Sonic have been living in your membranes for their entire existence and are the sound of electronic rain falling inside a cheese grater which is slowly rubbing up against your internal band pass filter while you visit the Arctic.

Go visit Trills at his site here.

Peach Genesis.
1.Pan Sonic: Current 1
2.Failure: Heliotropic
3.Steve Brodsky: Halo 4A Hula-Hoop
4.Low: Laser Beam
5.Nico: Afraid
6.Boreal Network: Adrive
7.Oceansize: Massive Bereavement
8.Machinefabriek: Hieperdepiep
9.Greymachine: Wolf at the door
10.Track53: Dimensia

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