Saturday, 23 October 2010

Coming apart at the Seamless

Hello from today at the Quagmire, where the sound never stops and even when it does, it's just playing in a different room. After the runaway success of the last mix by guest contributor Trills, we are excited to bring you lucky sponges some fresh Sonandy(tm) (which is a mix of sonics and candy) in the form of the sweets you were never allowed to buy as a kid. These decadent, sometimes un-chewable but always tempting audio enemies of teeth are brought to you this dark month by intriguing Scot's Lad Nonima, aka Tam Ferrans, creator and also enthusiastic backer of many exciting and often neglected electronic sounds, which when found in the wild, are generally know to fascinate scientists due to their hard to categorise nature and are often cataloged haphazardly in the Scientific community under the Genuses Glitchafernous, DJingGenreClashilifious, DarkAmbienceorphicus, BeatousRealmousStrangeous and FuckwherecanIbuythis.

Using some kind of special wizardry culled from deep breathing near special standing stones only found in Kilmarnock, Scotland, he has somehow weaved his contribution into some new form of musical devilry which, will perhaps make you question many things,including your faith, taste in clothing and fear of heights due to the fascinating lack of gaps between the audio. Now the more nervous amongst you might be initially alarmed at all this calamity but with time, perhaps with counselling, you will come to accept this and feel a compulsion to listen to this strange new method of "hearing" over and over, until you forget about anything else and find yourself pacing around like a cold leopard, waiting until the next time you can buy new batteries for your Walkman.
Now, we must stress, the many varied electronic species to be found here don't just live in a herd but have many exciting neighbours too for you to put down in your field note book so coming along to join the sweetie party are the wonderful Captain Beefheart himself, Henry Mancini who will even bring his own personal copy of 'Lifeforce' with him in case there isn't anything good on the TV and an Owl to keep things suitably Labyrinthine while DJ Spooky watches through coloured Glass. You won't need to watch TV though because the lineup here never gets boring for a second.
The Quagmire gives you full permission to throw away your Justin Bieber Itune Dl's and Twilight DVD's and listen to only this and eat only Avacado's for a week. It's ok, you can do it! The rewards are indescribable.
Tam decided not to adorn this special delivery with a name so in a sort of Headachey Autechre's John Peel session type way, we shall name this as thus:
Reality laced Toblerone for the mind controlled masses.
Be sure to thank and go visit Tam and grab his avalanche of releases

1.Throbbing gristle - e coli
2.Qebo- deepcore
3.I love you but I've chosen darkness - the owl
4.White noise - love without sound
5.Aphex twin - come to daddy (richard devine trapezoid remix)
6.Anbb (alva noto & blixa bargeld) - ret marut handshake
7.Asa-chang & junray - hana
8.Autechre - all tomorrow's linoleum // araya - out
9.Dj spooky - earth sky life line
10.Captain beefheart - safe as milk (take 12)
11.Amon duul II - archangels thunderbird
12.Amon tobin - verbal
13. A silver mt. zion - 13 angels standing guard round your bed
14. Adamned_age - invisible divider
15. Henry mancini - lujon // autechre - LCC

Available here

Coming soon(or next month) the last 2 installments of the current Quagmire mixes, sniff.
Can you handle the Excitement!

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