Thursday, 23 September 2010

Soda in the stream

It's been a busy week here at the Quagmire. The decorators were round
because we felt that coming up for this Halloween season, our window frames were
just not black enough! Since all the staff here have an inability to paint anything,we had to shell out and pay for some top action painters to come round and do the frames proud! However, much to our dismay, when they arrived, pots and brushes
in hand, several large spider crabs had decided to make a new home, right on the window sills and just refused to move. Now we like animals round these parts so painting over them was not an option. Not wishing to make the decorators journey a wasted one, we offered them some tasty Sodastream from our dynamic range of flavours in the cupboard. However we didn't have the cucumber and turtle flavour they wanted so we just compromised and gave the guy some music to listen to instead. But he said he didn't like it and ran out of the house, taking one of the spider crabs with him to go and start a new life in Northumberland.

Luckily we still have plenty of music left over for you lucky listeners. Harold from East Devonshire writes in this week, inquiring what is the best format and equipment to listen to the exciting mixes available here at Quagmire central. Well Harold, we quite like 78 speed records but for maximum aural enjoyment we recommend only listening on tape which you can play on this great up to date synth by Casio electronics, the CK-500, available in all the big retailers like Lewis's and Woolworths.

If tape doesn't do it for you Harold, can we suggest a step forward into space with the use of a CD Disc and highly recommend this tasty boombox which is a CD player and Sega Dreamcast all in one! If your eyes are fizzing at the prospect then wait to
see what happens to your ears!

You can also try recording it onto a wax cylinder, tying that to a hobby horse, tying yourself to the hobby horse, jumping into a road side ditch and lie drowning as you ponder on how much you dislike that aunt that made you read bible passages endlessly while sticklebacks eat away at your nose. Harold, we only want the best for our listeners here.
As a great man once said to me, ..."AHHHH, help, I'm in quicksand, quick, get a rope, nooooo."

On then to this weeks midgie torturing mix. Don't forget to take those carbonated empties back to your local MP.

1.Solar Race: Not Here
2.Fabio Frizzi: Irrealta Di Suoni(City of the Living Dead OST)
3.Engine Kid: Bear Catching Fish
4.LoveLiesCrushing: Ursec
5.Cranes: I Hope
6.Resident Evil Remake OST: Guardhouse 1
7.Third Eye Foundation: Four Damaged Lemons
8.Prolapse: Serpico
9.Sun City Girls: Flesh Balloons of Tibet
10.Arkos: Polarity
11.Since the Operation: Self Realisation through Vimto
12.Jonny Cohen: Christmas Trees Everywhere

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