Saturday, 11 December 2010

Arsenic and some Bass

A quick check of the calendar. It's December 1936 and have we a show lined up for you?
Yes! A 12 track bumper mix that might not be that seasonal but you know it is really. Anyway, Seasonal greetings and buy your friend some arsenic based lifeforms this Christmas.

The tracks this month are:

2.Fugazi:Smallpox Champion
3.Ivor Cutler: The moon outside the window
4.Onethema: Geigeticbeaux
5.Wingtip Sloat: They came with Margarine and Inlaws
6.DZ: Slowmo Coffee Cups
7.The Jaffa Kid: Searching for you again
8.Bark Psychosis: Blue
9.Atoniad Ygmenigol: 9th of April
10.Abalone: Pello Zeus
11.Rancid Hell Spawn: Zombie Girl
12.Speedjack: Tone Control