Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Plastercast of every Planet

A car drove past at high speed and from the passenger window, out flew a cassette tape, unmarked and miraculously undamaged. The tape was taken home, transferred and on it was found the following contents. Then mars fell into a vat of milk and exploded.

1.Fudge Tunnel: Bed Crumbs
2.Chris Clark: For Wolves Crew
3.Polvo: Mexican Radio
4.Mark Van Hoen: I remember
5.Distain: Give it Up
6.Flying Saucer Attack: The Drowners
7.Even as we Speak: Beautiful Day
8.Melt Banana: 55 Hands Need to Cut Down
9.Loafeye: Outtake
10.My Favourite: Go Kid Go
11.Seefeel: Is it Now
12.Bikini Kill: R.I.P
13.Quosp: Green
14.Happy Flowers: These Peas are so Green
15.Mitoma: A Frozen Minute

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