Sunday, 5 September 2010

Broken Statues

Over a decade later since the last one (or at least 3 days if you live in boring reality) at last, here is the next installment of my continuing series of exciting music compilations. If you enjoyed the last one, then this should deliver a further fruit salad of styles. Tracks of delicious variety and moods intended to make you talk and if possible, go and find out more about the artists! If your Ipod is boring you, give this a listen and see if anything changes. As ever, any comments and discussion is encouraged. Play it loud, play it to people you like, hate, don't know, fancy etc...

Sunglasses for Broken Statues.
1.Kettel: Her Thin Voice
2.Macrocosmica: V For Vendetta
3.Brothomstates: Naeae Eletrok
4.Beck: 11/6/45
5.Fly Ashtray: Here comes the Coastguard
6.Phundamental: Kite
7.Rick Wakeman: The Burning (Main theme)
8.Hydroplane: Cross the Atlantic
9.Squirrel grab: In love with Barry Manilow
10.Be your own Pet: Bunk, Trunk, Skunk
11.Shaggs: That little Sports car
12.In Dust: Magnet Womb
13.Milieu: My friends all play broken Toys

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