Friday, 3 July 2009

Story and Hello.


Now a story. This is a blog. Within it I will write things. They may well be important but in all likelihood they won't be.

Now this story contains things that happen. It is however up to you if you want to absorb them with any sense of belief. With that in mind everything you read is true. So here we go.
I wish things would settle down around my area.Its gone haywire again! I mean just today I was walking along the street to go to college and the whole street blew away! Luckily I was just leaving the street before it did so I didn't get hurt but then later I went into the newsagent to try and get today's paper but when I looked all they had were some old garden Gnomes! I asked the guy behind the counter how exactly the public were meant to know what was happening in the world if they only sold Gnomes and not papers.And the guy said

"Well,we tried selling papers before but nobody bought them!".
And I said
"I don't believe you!"
and the guy said
"Well I don't believe you!"

and this carried on for a while. When I had finished this pantomime like conversation I turned round and noticed all the gnomes had disappeared! Except one who turned to me and said

"Well I believe you!"

and that made me feel better so I left.

When I got outside I started walking to college and noticed a film crew at the canal. I stopped and walked over to them and said

"Hey,what are you filming?"

The head guy came up and said

"Oh it's terrible,we came all the way from Australia because someone said this canal was worth filming at but now we are here we have found that the canal is completely drained!"

"No it's not!" I said.

"Look,its full of water,your filming can commence

He said

"Eh?No it's not,there is no water at all!"

"Hmm,Ok." I said.

"What were you going to be filming anyway?" I added.He said


I said

"What?I don't believe you!"

but before he could answer both him and the rest of the film crew jumped into the canal and swam away!
So I left and started walking the last bit to college,I didn't have far to go but a taxi stopped and asked me if I was heading to college!
"Yes!" I said and jumped in. But the taxi didn't take me to college at all! It drove the wrong way and then drove me to a big jumble sale at a church! I had to get out because the taxi driver had gotten out and just left the taxi in the middle of the road! I would have driven my self back to college but I can't drive.

At the jumble sale I saw some stuff that I wanted to buy. I saw a nice old lady and inquired how much the books were on her table.She said
"Sorry,these are not for sale!"
So, disappointed,I walked to another stall and saw some old records which I liked. I asked the guy selling them how much they were and he said
"Sorry,none of these are for sale either and neither is anything else!"

Bemused, I ran into the middle of the church ground where they were holding the sale and shouted

"What kind of crazy jumble sale is this?!"

but nobody gave me an answer!
So I didn't manage to buy a single thing! Now it was quite late and I had missed most of college anyway so I started walking back to my house. To my surprise it was only round the corner! And the street had been put back by it's self! However there was some people standing outside where my house used to be. I walked up and said
"Where has my house gone?"
They said,
"Sorry,we sold it for this tea set.We hope you like it!"

But I didn't like it at all! So I sat in the patch where my house was and felt a bit down. But then a big boat arrived on a river that had just appeared and the man on board said

"Jump on!We are going to Wyoming to live now!"

So I did and that's where I'm typing this from now.In an internet cafe powered by nothing! It's great.

Now it is raining heavily. It might cool down a bit.

Listening to These arms are snakes

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  1. You are MENTAL! I suppose that is why I made a decision many a league ago...(way, way, way back...oooo, what? about a millenia and a half ago??) to spend the rest of my days on this not so 'muticolored' world we got lucky enough to deal with..(Thanks 30's Industrialists!) and I have you to make it colorful once again...(Especially all those wonderfulshdes of Scarlet...Hmmm, when will they get blood to look exactly real....I wonder if working with cow/pig blood would work...(It certainly would for PR purposes!!)
    I love you dollface!!
    Your Bonny Bloody Lass for Life...
    S XXXs